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Blog 1: Some common reasons why you are not losing weight

While, you may skip a meal thinking that you saved yourself some calories, but do you know the delicious cappuccino you are about to drink may have more calories than the meal you skipped. Find out why that needle on the weighing scale won't move?

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Blog 2: Improving the finding of African swine fever virus antibody

African pig fever (ASF) is an exceptionally irresistible and lethal illness of pigs. Because of the intricacy of the ASF infection (ASFV) and different clinical types of the illness, an extensive variety of exceptionally powerful and vigorous sero-demonstrative tests are required.

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Garcia's monster homer turns heads as A's look to the future

OAKLAND - - Having previously established an establishment standard with 12 first basemen utilized this season, it's reasonable the A's presently can't seem to track down a drawn out arrangement at the position. That makes this last stretch of games so basic for youngster Dermis Garcia.

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