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Some common reasons why you are not losing weight

While, you may skip a meal thinking that you saved yourself some calories, but do you know the delicious cappuccino you are about to drink may have more calories than the meal you skipped. Find out why that needle on the weighing scale won't move?

Initially, weight loss seems pretty simple – burning more calories than you consume, eating less, moving more and working out regularly. However, everyone knows that it is much harder than it sounds! That is because we tend to make mistakes without even realising them. Losing weight requires a lot of effort and willpower. While on a weight loss journey, we get exposed to ample tips. But, it can be tough to find out which one will actually work out to your benefit. We often make mistakes that might be doing more harm than good. The most common mistake that we commit is that we try to find ways to shed kilos immediately, but only a few of us see positive results. Some people end up with the same weight even after months of working out. This happens due to some mistakes that we commit while being on a weight loss journey. So, here's a list of the most common mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Skipping the Meals: People are of the view that skipping a meal burns calories. However, it is observed that most people who eat fewer than three meals usually consume more calories in the entire day!

2. Not Snacking: While mindless snacking can lead to weight gain, thoughtful snacking may actually prove to be beneficial. People who take several small meals and snacks in a day are more likely to take care of their hunger and weight loss. Snacking helps to facilitate your metabolism in high gear, especially if the meal is protein-rich.

3. Sleeping less: If you do not lose weight despite exercising and following a strict diet, it can be due to sleep deprivation. Sleep levels are directly connected to our hormone levels. Sleep deprivation causes an increase in the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which increases fat storage.

4. Drinking less water: This is one of the easiest diet mistakes to fix. Water is essential to burn calories. If you allow yourself to get dehydrated, your metabolism gets impacted, and that slows weight loss. So, try adding a glass of water to each of your meals.

5. Consuming high-calorie drinks: When counting calories, many of us often ignore what's in our drinks. This is a big mistake when you consider taking coffees and fruit juices that are high in calories.

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